Dr Susan Engel is donating to the Indigo Foundation, as part of UOW Cares®. Susan has a passion for international development, and during the Workplace Giving Month of June, knew the best way to connect with that while working.

Susan says “Indigo Foundation gives opportunities to people, whether it’s helping Afghan girls get to school, or giving back to our students, by presenting a student award within the Bachelor of International Studies.”

UOW Cares® has a strategic partnership with Indigo Foundation, and 8 other organisations, meaning Susan regularly donates part of her pre-tax income to assist in the empowerment of communities, transforming themselves – a direct link to the Susan’s own research.

“UOW Cares® makes donating easy, and what better time to reconnect with it than Workplace Giving Month. As staff, we’re working and making a difference.”

The Indigo Foundation is the UOW Cares® charity most popular with the Staff of our School of Humanities and Social Inquiry. Make sure you find out about our 9 partnerships below, and while you’re there, to set up your pre-tax donations to a cause close to you this Workplace Giving Month.

For more information, visit the UOW Giving website.