Unified is the new HR and Finance system. For Phase 1, arriving in August 2020, it will be replacing:

  • Parts of the current payroll system
  • Parts of Web Kiosk

What changes will employees see for Phase 1?


What benefits will employees see for Phase 1?

Having one place to go for ‘key HR activities’ allowing Employees to interact with HR in a more seamless way, without having to understand the processes or who does what in HR.

  • Access from mobile devices
  • Modern user focused experience
  • Real time and accessible information
  • Self-serve using HR Help Desk to access HR knowledge base
  • If unable to self-serve, submit service requests for HR enquiries
  • Increased productivity and engagement

With online systems and workflow automation, managers are able to reduce their time spent on administrative tasks and focus on what they should be doing.

  • Visibility of whole team calendar, by week or month
  • Enhanced transparency of tasks, requests and approvals
  • Streamlined approval workflows
  • Increased productivity and engagement with HR for Managers


Where can I go for more information on Unified?

Please visit:

We have also created a suite of demonstration videos of Unified processes and general navigation that live on the UOWnow YouTube channel. The HR videos can be viewed below: