Senior Professor Paul Cooper is a man who gets things done; his vision and commitment to establishing and growing UOW’s Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC) saw him win a Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Achievement in Research Partnerships Award, and the SBRC BlueScope Research Partnership grow to be recognised as one of Australia’s pre-eminent research centres for building sustainability.

Senior Professor Cooper won the 2015 Award for successfully leading the $25.1M Education Investment Fund (EIF) grant application that underpinned the project, and his tireless dedication over the last five years has been instrumental in the success of the SBRC BlueScope Research Partnership.

“I was absolutely delighted to receive the award, which was a wonderful recognition of our collective efforts at the SBRC and BlueScope in developing, testing and demonstrating a range of new technologies and products for sustainable buildings,” said Paul.

“The award is a great opportunity to generate public recognition of the wonderfully productive research collaborations between UOW researchers and their partners in industry, government and the wider community. These partnerships help our university researchers generate direct benefits to the community, and they enrich the wider research activities of the University by posing real-world opportunities and problems that need innovative solutions.”

With numerous externally-funded projects delivered, it has proven to be a model of academic-industry collaboration, achieving laudable academic outputs while ensuring a highly satisfactory suite of applied outcomes for industry partners.

SBRC continues to be a focal point for BlueScope’s research in the field, and buoyed by the recent funding support from the ARC Steel Research Hub, positions UOW to continue this long and fruitful partnership.

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