UOW Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paul Wellings CBE, has added his voice to the ‘Respect is…’ cube installation at the Wollongong Campus today. The ‘Respect is…’ campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of safety and respect for all students and staff.

One year on from UOW’s participation in Respect.Now.Always (RNA), a national initiative dedicated to preventing and address sexual assault and harassment across the university sector, ‘Respect is…’ is continuing the conversation around the importance of creating a culture of respect for everyone.

Writing ‘Respect is… for everyone, all the time’, the Vice-Chancellor was pleased to see the amount of staff, student and visitor engagement with the interactive cube.

“Having this installation as part of our ongoing campaign to prevent and address sexual assault and harassment, is a visual and important way for our community to share what respect means to them. I’ve enjoyed reading the range of voices, with a broad variety of thoughts about respect based on people’s interests,” said the Vice-Chancellor.

It’s a public reminder of the great diversity we are lucky to have in our community and how important respect is for our students and staff working together.”

“I haven’t seen this kind of installation anywhere else. Its location right in the heart of the campus means it’s front of mind and accessible to all. It’s also dynamic, with the opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts.” Professor Wellings added.

‘Respect is…’ cubes have been installed at all UOW domestic campuses.

Read more about the launch of the ‘Respect is…’ campaign here.