The Sport Hub is now ticketless and cashless.

Ticketless parking will provide quicker and easier access in and out of the car park without the need for a paper ticket.

What are the changes? 

  • Licence plate recognition will be used to calculate the parking fee
  • You will no longer receive a ticket on entry
  • The Hub is now cashless, so all payments will need to be made via VISA or Mastercard
  • The system now operates 24/7

How does the new parking system work?

When you enter the car park, a camera will take a picture of your licence plate and it will automatically be recorded and the gate will open.


There are two ways to pay for your parking-

1. At the pay station 

  • Before returning to your vehicle, proceed to the pay station located at the eastern side of the car park and enter your licence plate number.
  • The fee will be displayed and payment can be made via VISA or Mastercard.
  • You have 10 minutes to exit the car park after payment is made.
  • As you approach the exit, your licence plate will be read by the licence plate recognition system and payment is confirmed.
  • Once payment is confirmed, the gate will raise and you can proceed out the exit.

2. Pay in the lane when exiting 

  • Approach the exit and your licence plate will be read by the licence plate recognition system.
  • Your fee will be displayed on the screen and payment can be made via VISA or Mastercard. For any issues, the intercom can be pressed, and assistance provided.
  • Once payment is made, the gate will raise and you can proceed out the exit.


Parking Fees

For all enquiries please call 42-218133 or email