To echo the words of Executive Director Jaymee Beveridge in her Universe article last week, reconciliation is about taking the journey and “Everyone at UOW has a role to play”. How will you be taking the journey in 2021?

As the year of 2020 ended, many new beginnings presented for the Reconciliation Portfolio in 2021. The guiding notion of “Resilience, flexibility and patience” set the pace for the RAP journey in 2020.

Here we are, already in March. New year, new leadership for the Indigenous Strategic Unit, new energy and approach to the review, implementation and journey of the final leg of the UOW ‘Innovate’ Reconciliation Action Plan 2019-2021.

The emergent emphasis of “Collaboration” at UOW rises to the forefront, as we work together to complete our Innovate and move toward the development of our ‘Stretch’ plan.

As we draw closer to the completion of the inaugural UOW Reconciliation Action Plan, I would like to remind you of the top five priorities UOW has committed to. Furthermore, to reiterate the underpinning reconciliation dimensions as outlined by the governing peak body, Reconciliation Australia.

The UOW top priorities areas targeted for reconciliation – FIVE C’s:

  1. Curriculum and research
  2. Completion
  3. Consultation
  4. Cultural awareness and recognition
  5. Community

Jo Goulding
Reconciliation Action Plan Manager

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