Staff are reminded to follow the 6 step reporting process for positive or suspected COVID-19 cases at UOW.

Step 1: Isolate

Ensure the infected (or suspected infected) person is isolated from others as a precaution. Arrange COVID-19 testing at a nearby NSW Health testing facility. Follow the directions of NSW Health.

Step 2: Identify

Identify where the infected person has been and who they have come into contact with at UOW in the past 48 hours since being symptomatic.

Step 3: Inform

Contact the Work Health and Safety Manager (WSHM) at or 0417 266 779. Provide any contact or location details. WSHM will contact Student Accommodation and Services Division (SASD) if it involves a student. SASD will enact UOW’s Critical Incident Procedure. WHSM will liaise with NSW Health and update on required actions.

Step 4: Clean

Arrange cleaning and disinfecting of infected areas through the Facilities Management Division – phone extension 3217  or email: These areas will be locked until given clearance to re-enter.

Step 5: Review

Review COVID Safe plans and risk controls with WHS Unit to ensure occupants are able to return to their activities safely.

Step 6: Communicate

Communicate to occupants and other stakeholders of the actions taken and provide reassurance that all required cleaning and disinfecting has been completed.