Have you ever felt in need of your own personal coach who could listen to your issues and help you identify ways to be more satisfied and effective at work? Through PODS’s Internal Business Coaching program you could find the time and space to really look after your professional self so that you make confident and effective choices in your work life.

All of our business coaches are fully qualified and absolutely committed to protecting confidentiality.

Paris Dennett, Alumni Relations Coordinator in Advancement says:
‘The sessions I had with my coach were a process of reflection and self re-discovery. While this sounds intense, I enjoyed every moment. I was able to re-connect with my own personality and leadership style, set new objectives for my career path, and actively make a plan on developing areas that require more focus. My coach was a great listener, encouraging me to delve deep and be honest with myself. She made me realise that everyone is unique and that I can harness my authentic self to achieve my goals. I have everything I need within myself. I feel as though I have also met a great colleague and friend in my coach, and I have also been introduced to people in other areas across the University. I am so glad I took the initiative to do this for myself, as I feel more confident about where I am going in my career. I cannot recommend this program enough. It’s free for UOW staff and all it takes is your time, honesty and enthusiastic commitment.’

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