There have been recent reports about a phone scam targeting UOW students. For any staff who teach, or are in contact with students, please make sure they are aware.

The scam involves callers contacting students and telling them that their Tax File Number has been compromised and there have been suspicious transactions detected on their accounts. When doubted by the person receiving the call, the scammer offers for the local police to contact them to verify the incident. The student then receives a second call from another scammer posing as a ‘police officer’.

The ‘police officer’ instructs the student to attend a bank immediately and withdraw all money from their account. Students are then instructed to visit a post office and purchase Australia Post Cards with the withdrawn money. Students may also be asked to upload a photo of the purchased card through Whats App.

Avoiding scams

NSW Police will never contact anyone and ask for access to their bank accounts or to make purchases. If ever in doubt about a caller, hang up immediately and report it to the NSW Police directly, or via Scamwatch. Do not use any contact numbers provided by the caller.

Students can also reach out to the UOW Security team for assistance and support on 02 4221 4555.

For more information visit Scamwatch.