Nominations are open for the 2020 Vice-Chancellor’s Awards. Nominate someone in your team before the Awards close on 15 May.

Find out more about one of our previous Award recipients, Nik Milosevski, Senior Manager Education, Law Humanities & the Arts, who received the 2019 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service for Professional Staff.

Nik’s VC Award citation: This nomination is in recognition of Nik Milosevski’s outstanding leadership in bringing to fruition LHA’s blended learning strategy. Nik led the conversion of 23, or approximately 58%, of the faculty’s subject offerings at South West Sydney to a high-quality, student-centric blended format. The strategy has considerable significance and value for the faculty, enabling cost-effective teaching delivery, optimising expense management of existing operations, and creating opportunities for expansion. This achievement involved managing highly complex issues, processes, relationships and resources. Nik’s leadership was pivotal to the project’s success and the significance of realising this strategy cannot be overestimated.

  1. What was the significance of winning a VC award to you?

It provided me with a sense of appreciation that’s felt by those I work with. It helped me step back and reflect on the work I do and how it can positively impact others even when I don’t necessarily notice. This has spurned me on and motivated me to pass on the feeling of recognition to others who have positively contributed to my work experience.

  1. How did it feel to be nominated for an award?

The award was a testament to the people I work with. It was the recognition from those around me that showed people value my contribution. After almost 20 years at UOW, it’s why I love working at UOW.

  1. Why should people nominate for this award?

Taking the time to recognise those around you goes way beyond the gesture. Whether it’s a nomination for a VC award or simply a shout out, the act of appreciation is what sets UOW apart from many other places of work. UOW’s success is underpinned by this people-focused culture so I would encourage everyone to consider how they can share their appreciation of colleagues.

The 2020 Vice-Chancellor’s Award nominations close on 15 May 2020. Nominate someone in your team today.