For someone with autism, a trip to the shops can present a number of challenges that lead to distress: unpredictability; too many visual cues; too many sounds; lots of questions. But there are simple things business owners can do to make their business more accessible for people living with autism.

These tips and advice are now available on the Autism Friendly Communities website. The website is the result of a collaboration between University of Wollongong academics, the Corrimal Chamber of Commerce and ASPECT South Coast School and the project was funded by the Community Engagement Grants Scheme (CEGS).

CEGS provides funding to UOW staff for educational, research or outreach projects that partner with community organisation and groups. The scheme was established in 2005 and over $610,000 has been awarded to 73 projects in the years since.

Applications are now open for grants in 2019.

To be eligible, projects must be led by a UOW staff member, in collaboration with at least one community group or organisation, and be supported by the Executive Dean or Director of the relevant Faculty or Division. UOW strives to enable projects that have the capacity to develop self-sustainability.

Projects are to be completed by November 2020. Approximately $50,000 will be allocated to the scheme in 2019 with a maximum of $13,000 to be allocated to any one project.

Find out more on the Community Engagement page.