• Receive practical tools and process to build your personal Purpose-Based Future Plan
  • Move from good to great – unearth your actual impact not just your potential
  • Find ikigai – “Ikigai is about finding joy, fulfilment, and balance in the daily routine of life.” Forbes, 2018 (Chris Myers)

The Alumni Relations team is inviting all interested UOW staff and alumni to a special interactive workshop on Wednesday May 12, titled ‘Developing Your Purpose-Based Future Plan’.

Join UOW alumnus Phil Preston, who established The Business Purpose Project, for a half-day intensive program that will help you to align your business and personal life with your true purpose.

Phil helps you harness the power of purpose to grow your bottom line, bring greater meaning to your work, and take charge of overcoming our greatest challenges.

The workshop is suited to UOW staff and alumni at any career or life stage who may be re-evaluating their business and personal lives and making an active change to lead life with purpose.

Register now.