The review of the Appointment of Visiting and Honorary Academics Policy is now complete, and the updated policy has been approved by the FRC.

Implementation of the updated policy and its procedures has now begun. Please refer to the intranet for further information relating to appointing Visiting and Honorary Academics and how they will be processed moving forward.

Any visiting or honorary academic applications that were placed on hold during the policy review period, or sent through to HR after 11 September 2020, will be considered at the first Visiting/Honorary Nomination Committee meeting held in February 2021.

As per the updated policy, in extenuating circumstances where the visiting or honorary appointment requires consideration outside the normal Visiting/Honorary Nomination Committee cycle, the Executive Dean or Executive Director of Research Institute will provide detail of the extenuating circumstances with the application and forward to the HR Help Desk for consideration by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation).

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Liz Seymour (

Human Resources UOW.