Nominations are open for the 2019 Vice-Chancellor’s Awards. Nominate someone in your team before the Awards close on 24 May.

Find out more about one of our previous Award recipients, Tracey Todd, Manager, Student Support & Transition, who received the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service for Professional Services Staff.

Tracey Todd was nominated for this award for displaying exceptional leadership in the development and coordination of UOW’s Support First Model including the creation of the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Triage service and implementation of the 1300 Support Line. Tracy’s achievements include providing extraordinary management and direction to the counselling team, improving knowledge of trauma care to students and leading improvements across UOW as part of its Respect. Now. Always response.

  1. What was the significance of winning a VC award to you? 

The VC Award recognises not just mine, but the collective efforts of a number of people at UOW who have been working in the Safe and Respectful Communities area. It provided a vehicle to raise awareness of the issue of sexual assault and sexual harassment and the actions we are taking at UOW to prevent it. The VC and his leadership team are very committed to the programs, services and training we are doing at UOW to create a safe and respectful community. UOW’s 2030 vision is to be at the forefront of change – to understand it, respond to it and drive it. I have felt privileged to have worked at UOW during a time of focused attention on the area of sexual assault and sexual harassment and know we are not only focused on making it safe for community members to disclose, and on ensuring we respond in a trauma informed manner, but also that we are committed to prevention and transformative cultural change.

  1. How did it feel to be nominated for an award?

I was working back late one night and Theresa Hoynes, Director of Student Services Division appeared in my doorway. Given my involvement in critical incidents on campus – my first thought was ‘oh no what horrible thing has happened and to whom?’. She then handed me the award. I actually started to tear up and gave her a big hug. It meant so much to me – especially to be nominated by colleagues at UOW, who I have an incredible level of respect for. I was very humbled.

  1. Why should people nominate for this award?

It is a great opportunity to highlight the enormous body of work, best practise, and innovation that individuals or teams contribute to at UOW. I have been to the awards night the last 3 years and without fail always come away in awe of people’s achievements and feeling very proud to work here.

The 2019 Vice-Chancellor’s Award nominations close on 24 May 2019. Nominate someone in your team today.