As you’ll be aware, Unified was made available for use by all UOW staff last Wednesday morning. We’ve seen a strong adoption of the system already and are very pleased with the ease of use many are reporting back to us.

As with any new system we have come across a few hiccups since its launch and we’d like to share the most common issues raised with you. If you experience any of the below please know we are aware of them and are working to resolve any that are issues.

Logging in to Unified

The Welcome to Unified email received on 5 August from is legitimate. We understand these emails look like SPAM, however they are legitimate emails from the Unified system, as are the follow up emails after you change your password. They are safe to open, and safe to click the link inside. Every effort was made to adjust this prior to release, but as with much of the functionality in Unified and many other cloud based global systems, this was not customisable.

As per the COO email on 4 August 2020, if you do not access the Unified link in the welcome email within 24 hours or you do not receive an email at all, please head to the UOW intranet homepage and click the Unified link under ‘Systems’. Then click ‘Forgot Password’ and enter your Employee Number in the Username field. For future logins you’ll find the Unified link under ‘Systems’ on the UOW intranet homepage.

Internet Browser

Please use Chrome as it is the preferred browser when using Unified. Internet Explorer/ Microsoft Edge may cause issues.

Your phone number in Unified
Before logging a ticket in the HR Help Desk please read the below about phone numbers displaying in Unified:

  • All staff must have a primary number e.g. if they want to delete a home number which is primary, they must nominate another number as primary first
  • Only work related information is ever displayed publically – staff can confirm this via the Public Info page in the directory
  • Employees see all their phone numbers in Unified under Contact Info
  • Employees will see their Primary Phone number on the Org Chart (whether work or home)
  • HR will see the employees’ primary phone number on the Org Chart (whether work or home)
  • Staff will see work phone numbers on the Org Chart for other staff, but never home numbers


Updating personal details

  • Should an employee want to update their ethnicity and cannot see the appropriate selection they can raise a ticket with the HR Helpdesk and HR staff can update this on their behalf
  • Adding a second emergency contact is causing an error message. This is being investigated by the project
  • Requests for changes to staff building locations should come through the HR Helpdesk


Where do I go if I have any queries about Unified?

If your query hasn’t been answered here or you can’t find what you’re looking for on the Unified intranet page:

In the next week HR will be ceasing mailbox redirects for their existing mailboxes, and all enquires will go through the HR Help Desk. If you haven’t already, please begin using the HR Help Desk to log tickets for your enquiries.


We would like to thank you for your continued patience as we all navigate this change. We will experience some issues at times but will try to rectify them as quickly as possible. For support material and demonstrations on how to use Unified please visit the intranet page.