Every step and action towards reconciliation contributes to larger goal.  We are all on this journey together, and the key to achieving success is to ensure that we collaborate and work in partnership. Larger ticket items on the reconciliation agenda cannot be achieved without the foundational smaller steps that you are all contributing to. These foundations are interconnected and relate to most, if not all aspects of outcomes within the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Some great examples over the last twelve months have been in staff here at UOW reaching out in consultation on engagement with community, seeking advice and direction on protocols, requests for cultural input into design and development, desire to engage in cultural training, language terminology and ceremonial requests, promoting and operationalising reconciliation activities within teams and groups, engagement in cultural events such as Reconciliation Week.  The level of contact, requests for direction, support and advice have been increasing with time, and all are so encouraging and very significant in taking ‘ACTION’ towards reconciliation at UOW.

Enjoy this perfect example demonstrating From little things big things grow!

Please help us by way of sharing in UOW’s inaugural ‘Reconciliation Book 2021’ as we record this journey to.  The books will be gifted back to UOW as a momento to look back upon in years to come to celebrate the journey of success.

Share your “little things” here.

  • Reconciliation Reflection Statement- how and what have you reconciled over the last year?


  • Reconciliation Intent  Statement- how you will reconcile over the next year?

Reconciliation Walk tickets have been increased click here, under National Reconciliation Week 2021 to select your date.