As part of its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Strategy, the PVC (Inclusion and Outreach) office is committed to curriculum reconciliation through the multi-awarded Jindaola Program. Thus, It is with great enthusiasm that the Office of the PVC (Inclusion & Outreach), in partnership with the UOW Learning Teaching Centre, is offering the opportunity for faculties, disciplines, schools and units to apply for up to two grants of up to $50,000 each to engage in Jindaola to embed Indigenous Knowledges into the core curriculum. Jindaola is an exciting program, developed by LTC in consultation with local Elders and Knowledge holders, that is modelled on traditional Aboriginal systems for conducting business and maintaining knowledge integrity. The 18 month program goes into its fourth round of existence.

Indigenous facilitator Jade Kennedy ( is pleased to answer any questions and to help with the application process. You are strongly encouraged to contact Mr Kennedy before submitting an expression of interest.

Closing Date extended to Friday 8 November 2019, 10am.

For further information visit the Jindola webpage.