Would you like to know more about developing opportunities in teaching and learning at UOW and beyond?

Established in 2014, the Wollongong Academy for Tertiary Teaching & Learning Excellence (WATTLE) is a leadership community dedicated to providing space for teaching and learning recognition, development, passion and dialogue.

Being a part of the WATTLE community of over 200 Senior Fellows, Fellows and Associate Fellows can enhance your own learning and teaching practice AND link you to other like-minded colleagues.

Join us at our next ECAN meeting on Wednesday, 6 November – 12.30-1.30pm: Bld 67:101┬áto learn how WATTLE can help you foster national and international relationships with respect to teaching and learning and be a part of the WATTLE community of expertise.

Register here via Eventbrite, both ECAN members and non-members are welcome.

Not an ECAN Member? It’s easy to join. Further information can be found on our webpage or just ask one of your friendly ECAN committee members.