Harmony Week | 15 – 21 March

This week is Harmony Week, which celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. Harmony Week is about inclusiveness and respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background.

Harmony Week is organised by the Australian Government and there has been more then 80,000 celebration events since its conception in 1999. Harmony Week includes 21 March, which is the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This day is held to remind everyone of our collective responsibility to promote and protect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Australians can choose to wear something orange during Harmony Week to show their support for cultural diversity and an inclusive Australia. Traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. It also relates to freedom of ideas and encouragement.

Let’s come together to celebrate our diversity. Getting involved can be as simple as hosting an event with colleagues or attending a local celebration.

National Close the Gap Day | 18 March

National Close the Gap Day aims to close the gap in health and life expectancy outcomes between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians by 2030.

The Government’s ‘Closing the Gap’ strategy was launched in 2008, to enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and governments to work together to overcome the inequality experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and achieve life outcomes equal to all Australians.

Each year, National Close the Gap Day is acknowledged in workplaces, hospitals, schools and communities around Australia. Anyone can take part and make a difference.