Seeking information on cultural awareness initiatives

There is a considerable amount of work being undertaken at UOW around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness. As part of the development of UOW’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education, Research and Engagement Enabling Strategy, the office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Inclusion & Outreach) would like to map the work currently being undertaken, to help inform the Strategy.

To assist in this effort, could you please email Celestine Hampton via and note the name of program, School or Professional unit, and number of participants?  We extend our thanks in advance.


The University is also currently forming an Aboriginal Advisory Committee to better manage and educate staff when dealing with Aboriginal issues. This will take some time to form, but will result in much clearer guidelines for consultation. Until then, if you have any concerns or questions about acceptable consultation processes, please contact the Office of the PVC (Inclusion & Outreach) via Celestine Hampton, or on x2389.