Dear Colleagues

Today marks the start of my journey with the University of Wollongong and, I am truly excited and honoured to begin working alongside all of you and continue the outstanding stewardship of Chancellor Broadbent.

I have recorded a short video message for you, which can be accessed here.

I am very proud to be joining a University with a strong and committed vision for the future. Despite the challenges thrown at us by the COVID-19 pandemic, UOW staff have shown admirable resilience and adaptability in their support for the institution, the students and future of the sector. It is very clear to me from what I have observed and heard, that the wellbeing and future success of our students both onshore and offshore remains our major priority.

As the world begins to transition into a new normal, we must continue our optimism, adjust, innovate and remain true to the values of the University.

I want to thank you all for the warm welcome I have already received and look forward to delivering on our vision for the future, together.

Ms Christine McLoughlin, FAICD