Now that we have returned to work after the summer break, it’s a good idea to consider the value of a personal coach who can listen to your issues and help you identify ways to be more satisfied and effective at work.

Through PODS’s Internal Business Coaching program you could find the time and space to really look after your professional self so that you make confident and effective choices in your work life.

All of our business coaches are fully qualified and absolutely committed to protecting confidentiality.

Dr Vinod Gopaldasani, Academic Program Director, School of Health and Society, recently participated.

“Like all academics, my significant teaching and governance activities were taking up all of my time and research activities were suffering. I needed help to better manage my time. After discussing with my Head of School, she suggested that I look at time management coaching through PODS. This proved to be the best course of action for me. I was fortunate to have the most amazing coach who patiently listened to what, how and why I did things the way I did, and provided an array of different strategies to experiment with. This allowed me to identify the strategies that worked best for me and to stick to those strategies. The result is that I now have time to manage my teaching, research and governance responsibilities. I’ve even formed my own strategies that I know work for me. I highly recommend PODS’ coaching.”

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