How long have you worked at UOW?

I have been at UOW for about eight years, initially working as a casual research assistant periodically while completing my PhD at the University of Technology Sydney. In 2016 I began full-time work with the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS) as a Vice-Chancellor’s Post-doctoral Research Fellow.


What’s your/your team’s role at the University?

I am working on research into the ‘Blue Economy’– which is essentially a sustainable development model for the oceans.


What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

ANCORS and UOW more broadly provide an incredibly collegial and supportive research environment. My methodologies generally involve interview based qualitative research and these interviews are definitely another favourite aspect of my work.


What’s the most challenging?

Like most ANCORS staff I am involved in projects and collaborations which involve working across multiple time zones and countries which can sometimes create logistical challenges.


Proudest work achievement at UOW?

I believe it is yet to come.


What goals are you/your team working towards in 2018/19?

We are working to develop a vision for an inclusive, community-focused Blue Economy in our region which ticks all the boxes–environmentally sustainable development which brings social and economic opportunities for the people of the Illawarra and South Coast.


What’s your fondest memory so far of working at UOW?

ANCORS throws a great Christmas party.


Random fact about you or hidden talent?

In a past life I was the ranger on Lindeman Island. I caught a light plane to and from work each week and lived in rangers’ quarters overlooking the Whitsunday Islands.


What’s your favourite place in the world and why?

The South Coast of NSW when I am camping with my family. I love how camping both disconnects and connects me — disconnects me from life’s stresses and complexity and connects me with humanity, nature and the simple pleasures of life.


Something on your bucket list you’d care to share?

While planning has always been a big part of my professional life in my private life I am not really much of a long-term planner.