How long have you worked at UOW?

I have been working at UOW as an academic for more than 25 years


What’s your/your team’s role at the University?

As well as being a senior lecturer at the Sydney Business School, I am also the Academic Director of the Faculty of Business for our offshore post-graduate programs. Recently, I have also been given the role as the program director for the new Master of Business Analytics degree that I have just developed and will be offered to students in 2020


What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is to be able to share my knowledge and experience with students and to see them do well in life


What’s the most challenging?

As an academic in this Information Age, the challenge is to stay relevant to our students in terms of knowledge and experience that we deliver for their future


Proudest work achievement at UOW?

The Master of Business Analytics is the third degree I have designed for the University of Wollongong. Previously, I have designed the Master of Science (Logistics) and Master of Science (Project Management)


What goals are you/your team working towards in 2019?

Making sure that the Master of Business Analytics degree is ready for 2020. In addition, we are also in the process of getting industry accreditation from SAS Inc. – one of the world leading institutions in Business Analytics.


What’s your fondest memory so far of working at UOW?

Seeing my students receiving their Degree at the Graduation Ceremony


Random fact about you or hidden talent?

I am multi-lingual


What’s your favourite place in the world and why?

I have had the privilege of travelling to many countries across the world and to all continents. Interesting enough, my favourite place in the world is Australia, I found tranquility here


Something on your bucket list you’d care to share?

Joining the longest cruise trip to sail around the world.