1. What was your first ever job?

Travel Agent.


2. How did you come to be at UOW?

I became a student here and loved studying so much that I decided to do a doctorate. I then thought academia might be a nice career change, so I started casual lecturing in 2008, before a position at Sydney Business School came up in 2009.


3. Why have you chosen your current career?

I was a bit disillusioned with industry because I went through four corporate take-overs in five years – it was a lot! So I wanted a bit more stability, but I also wanted an opportunity where I could give back and share my knowledge.


4. What is your best piece of workplace advice?

Be open to conversations and feedback.


5. If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be?

Academia can be very individualised, I would like to see more communities of practise.


6. What is one little known, quirky fact about you?

You have to get Monty Python to understand…I did the fish-slapping dance on stage with Michael Palin.


7. What is one Netflix series or podcast you would recommend?

The Crown.


8. What is your favourite restaurant?

Diggies in North Wollongong. Sitting near the beach in the morning is just wonderful. If people come from overseas I take them there.