Nine UOW researchers were recognised in the 2018 UOW Scholars Impact Story competition for developing exceptional impact stories detailing their research impact and maintaining a complete up-to-date profile.

The review panel was very impressed by the quality of the eligible stories and the associated profiles in general, with the winners for each category as follows:


Individual Winner: Prof. Sarah O’Shea

Impact Story: Higher Education Access for All: Exploring Education Equity within the Tertiary Sector Prof. O’Shea presents her research and the development of resources for students, parents and communities with a focus on improving educational outcomes for all university students – particularly those who are at risk of dropping out of their studies.

Prize: $2100 deposited to research account and one place in the UOW Media Training program.


Team WinnerProf. Sharon RobinsonDr. Michael Ashcroft and Dr. Melinda Waterman

Impact Story: Rapidly drying mosses in East Antarctic in response to climate change

The team’s research shows, for the first time, that climate change and ozone depletion are drying East Antarctic moss beds despite a relatively small change so far.

Prize: $2000 deposited to research account (shared equally among the team) and two places in the UOW Media Training program.


Highly Commended: Prof. Helen HasanDr. Lyn PhillipsonProf. Richard Flemming and Dr. Chris Brennan-Horely


This impact story highlights the team’s work in empowering people living with dementia and the communities they live in.

Prize: $700 deposited to research account and one place at UOW Media Training program.


Global Challenges Travel Grant: Dr Agnieszka Golda and Dr. Jo Law

(Awarded by Global Challenges Program)

Impact Story: Spinning World 世界を紡ぐ: developing new audiences and cultural networks for art-led science investigative research with an environmental impact

The team’s research impact included an exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts and Science and the discovery of new material development techniques.

Prize: $1000 travel grant.