Two UOW researchers from the School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics are developing mathematical methods related to dynamical systems and operator algebras as Chief Investigators on a $461,000 Australian Research Council-funded project.

Professor Aidan Sims and Associate Professor David Pask will collaborate on the ARC Discovery Project with experts from the University of Sydney and the University of Durham in the UK – Chief Investigators Professor Jacqui Ramagge and Dr Nathan Brownlowe – and Partner Investigator A/Prof Lisa Clark from the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.

Dynamic systems

Each investigator has extensive knowledge in fields relevant to the project, particularly dynamic systems (which describe and model how complicated systems evolve with time and are central to modern mathematics and its applications), algebras (mathematical structures consisting of elements that can be added, multiplied and scaled by constants) and groupoids.

Groupoids are a more recent development in the world of mathematics that is generating substantial interest as a facilitator of two-way paths (or dualities) between operator algebra and dynamic systems.

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