UOW is home to many high achieving PhD students who are working towards solving real world problems. Behind every great PhD candidate is a great supervisor (or two). 

Meet Crystal Arnold – Crystal is a PhD student in human geography, a field of geography that studies humans and their communities, cultures and interactions with their environments. Crystal is of Aboriginal and English descent and her work is based on an Aboriginal concept of Country in oneness, that connects Aboriginal and Western knowledge systems. In her PhD thesis she is focusing on human relationships with plants, and in particular invasive weed practices. From an Aboriginal ontology of oneness, she aims to understand how we might learn alternative ways of living and working with plants that are labelled as weeds. Her supervisors are Dr. Jennifer Atchison in the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities and Dr. Anthony McKnight in the School of Education, both within the Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and the Humanities at UOW.

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