Tuesday 29th May 2018 l 2pm – 3pm l SMART, Bldg 6, Room 105

Deep Learning: Fundamentals and Practice. Presented by Dr Rohan Wickramasuriya

Deep Learning, the newest tool in the machine learning toolbox, has taken the world by storm starting from the beginning of this decade. It has achieved unreal accuracies and performance in areas such as recognising objects in images, machine translation, self-driving cars and even playing board games, often defeating the world’s best human specialist at the given task. Despite this success, still there isn’t much theory that can explain how deep learning achieves such astonishing results. Question is ‘should we prevent ourselves from using this effective tool because there isn’t solid theory to back it up?’

Taking a practitioner’s approach, this seminar will introduce the essential building blocks of deep learning, followed by how the tools can be used in practice to achieve state-of-the-art results in a chosen application domain. The aim is to demonstrate that the practical use of deep learning is not necessarily difficult contrary to the popularly held view. When the difficulty of usage is not a limiting factor anymore, the hope is that the audience will be able to better answer the aforementioned question for themselves.

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