When you talk about your research with diverse audiences – such as members of the public, researchers in other fields, or conference attendees – do you observe expressive eyes, affirmative head nods and interested questions?

Or is it more like glazed-over eyes, sleepy head nods, and uncomfortable silences at question time?

If your audience seems more captive than captivated when you talk about your research, then your audience is probably not seeing the value of your research, and you may be missing out on opportunities to advance in research.

If you’d like to become a more captivating speaker, you may be interested in the following research training opportunity. This training is free for registrants, thanks to a grant from the Association of Commonwealth Universities, awarded to a team from the University of Sydney (Dr Helen Parker, Dr Marnee McKay, Dr Paula Beckenkamp, and Dr Anita Amorim).


Date, time and duration

Thursday 9 December 2021 at 4.00 UTC, 90 minutes (see it in your device’s time zone).


Online (via Zoom). Registrants can attend the live Zoom (details will be emailed after registration), or watch a recording of the live Zoom after the event, or both.


The Zoom will be recorded, and all registrants will be emailed a link to the recording within two hours after the live event.


This training is presented by Prof. Amanda Salis, a full-time academic researcher with over 30 years’ experience talking with diverse audiences about research. This includes interviews with local, national and international TV and radio stations (e.g., see around minutes 40:30 to 47:45 in Episode 3 of ABC’s How to Live Younger), live workshops and Zooms for the general public and researchers about research and research methodology, many of which were booked to capacity, over 75 oral presentations at national and international conferences, as well as helping members of her research team to prepare oral conference presentations, some of which led to best presentation awards.

Who is this training for?

Anyone from any institution or research field who wants to observe expressive eyes, affirmative head nods and interested questions from listeners when they talk about their research with diverse audiences.

What you need if joining the training live

An Internet-connected device and access to a web browser with which to watch the live Zoom and with which to interact with polls and Q&A etc. using slido.com.

Expected outcome

Through a series of concrete examples on how to talk about your research in a clear and engaging way, as well as opportunities to put theory into practice immediately during the training, the intention is that you will leave this training with specific strategies – and slides to remind you of them – to make talking about your research more rewarding for your listeners and for yourself.


Free for registrants (the training is sponsored by a grant from the Association of Commonwealth Universities).

To register for this training or for more information

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