Research impact is the contribution that research makes to the generation of knowledge for the benefit of health, society, economy, environment and culture, including verifiable outcomes or progress towards long-term goals.

The university research landscape is changing rapidly. Australia’s major funding bodies and federal government are requesting more information about the impact of university research and grant proposals now require impact case studies and plans for impact.

This short course is intended for researchers wishing to learn more about how to write impact summaries or case studies and plan for future impact.

Five workshops will cover:

  • Assessing impact: What is research impact and how is it critically assessed?
  • Impact frameworks: How can we classify and document impact?
  • Evidence of impact: How can we find and use evidence of impact?
  • Planning for impact: How can we ensure our future projects have impact?
  • Monitoring impact: How can Vertigo Impact Tracker help you monitor impact?

Sessions run on Fridays 12.35-2pm (November 8th – December 6th). We recommend attending the series of workshops, but you may also attend individual workshops.


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