Since mobile phones were introduced to markets in 1983, mobile phone use has increased dramatically, with over 5 billion user subscriptions in 2019. Almost half of Australian children aged 6 to 13 now own, or have regular access to, the devices.

While the social and economic value of these devices and their applications are exponential, the potential adverse health effects from long term exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic energy (RF-EME) has raised concern worldwide, particularly when in reference to our children’s increasing use from a younger age.

Professor Chao Deng, who has trained in developmental neuroscience and animal behaviour, and Professor Rodney Croft, an international leader in bioelectromagnetics research, have spent considerable time investigating the effects of RF-EME. With the assistance of an NHMRC Ideas Grant, they will be able to investigate specifically how this new generation that has not seen life without the mobile phone is being impacted by increasing exposure.

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