On 5 August, IHMRI will be presenting ‘Know your kidneys  – What you need to know about our body’s key filtering system’

This free webinar will focus on the impact of kidney disease in our communities. Our kidneys play a very important role in our body. They work hard to clean our blood and create urine for us 24 hours a day. Without kidney function, we would struggle to process toxins and eliminate waste, and this would have a devastating impact on our health. Our kidneys however don’t always work as well as they should and kidney disease can often go undetected.

In Australia, 10% of the population have kidney disease however this rate is 19.5% in the Illawarra.  Join us to discuss what can be done to reduce this rate and what we should look out for to take control of our own health.

The webinar will take a panel form featuring IHMRI researcher, Dr Kelly Lambert, IHMRI affiliated clinician Dr Hicham Hassan and ISLHD’s chronic kidney disease nurse consultant, Debbie Pugh. Send any questions you want to ask our panelists through to ihmri-communications@uow.edu.au.

More information is available here.