Study takes 360-degree view on how to deliver quality medical care in nursing homes

In a study published last month, UOW researchers undertook to find out what constitutes good medical care to residential aged care facility (RACF) residents, in their eyes and in the eyes of those closely involved in its delivery.

With the number of Australians living in RACFs forecast to grow from 220,000 at present to 700,000 by 2050, it is more important than ever to understand the medical need of residents and what factors enable good medical care, as well as common barriers to delivering it.

The researchers, from UOW’s School of Medicine and School of Nursing, focused on the role of general practitioner (GP) visits, and interviewed RACF residents, family members, visiting GPs, and registered nurses (RNs) and other care team members at four RACFs in rural and regional New South Wales.

The study’s lead author, Dr Russell Pearson, a Regional Academic Leader in the School of Medicine and a practising GP, said that bringing the perspectives of these different groups to the study enabled the researchers to get “a 360-degree view” on the issues involved.

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