On 3 November, the Minister for Education, The Hon Dan Tehan, announced $84 million to support 200 research fellowship projects funded under the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) scheme.

The dedicated funding provided to early career researchers (ECRs) under the DECRA scheme affords them the opportunity to focus on advancing their research and careers, benefitting from training in high quality research environments and further developing their knowledge and research networks.

Six UOW DECRA applicants were successful with the funds awarded totalling $2.59 million. This ranks UOW 8th nationally for the number of projects and funding awarded.

Our warmest congratulations to the following UOW successful applicants:

Dr Eline Schotsmans, Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
DE210101384, Title: Investigating complex mortuary practices in the Neolithic Near East
ARC Funding: $440,244

Dr Shiyang Tang, Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
DE210101073, Title: Defying conventions with a liquid metal-embedded hybrid elastomer composite
ARC Funding: $355,000

Dr Chantel Carr, Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
DE210100989, Title: Locating the household in post-carbon regional economies
ARC Funding: $452,140

Dr Aimee Silla, Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
DE210100812, Title: Using evolutionary theory to advance reproductive technologies
ARC Funding: $451,748

Dr Nathan Jankowski, Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
DE210100157, Title: Landscape change and the archaeological record in the Willandra Lakes, NSW
ARC Funding: $462,700

Dr Richmond Lee, Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
DE210100053: Computational Discovery & Design of New Catalytic Halogenophilic Reactions
ARC Funding: $428,710

A full list of the 2021 DECRA recipients is available from theĀ ARC website.

I also acknowledge those applicants that were unsuccessful in this round. I thank them personally for the considerable time and effort they put into submitting an application in this highly competitive scheme. From my own experience, I know that announcements like these can be bittersweet. Please know that your contributions are valued, and that this announcement does not define you, or your worth.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Jennifer L Martin AC FAA
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)