Currently, Zoom cloud recordings for users with a ‘Licenced’ Zoom licence type, and an account within Echo360, automatically get sent to the user’s Echo360 Content Library. IMTS will be implementing a change to Echo360 which will enhance the security and privacy of all users by removing this auto-save functionality.

From this Friday 25 September, these types of recordings on Zoom will no longer be uploaded to your content library on Echo360 Active Learning Platform by default.

Users who have an Instructor Role within echo360 will then be able to choose whether or not this function gets turned on for any Zoom cloud recording they make. Information on how to turn the service on can be found in our Knowledge Base Article.

Should you need any assistance with this, please log a ticket via the IT Service Desk and one of our support staff will be in touch as soon as possible, alternatively, you can call the Service Desk on 02 4221 3000.

For more information please click here.