Between now and the end of October, IMTS will be updating those Windows 10 machines that have been flagged as running an unsupported version to ensure these machines are kept secure.

The existing version of Windows 10 on these machines, is no longer supported by Microsoft, and updating them will eliminate a security risk to UOW.

If your machine is due to be scheduled for update, IMTS will add it to the update list and you will be prompted to restart your machine for it to take place. You will have 1 week to update at your convenience, after this the update will be automatically installed. Depending on the age of the machine, the time will vary for how long the update will take.

For more information on Win10 updates, including how to opt-in to install the patch, please see our Knowledge Base article.

If you require assistance before or after upgrading Windows 10, please contact the IMTS Service Desk on +61 2 4221 3000 (x3000) or alternatively log a ticket via the Service Desk Portal.