As part of the continuous review and improvement of UOW systems, a change to Webex to better enhance user experience has been implemented. The change has impacted all existing meeting bookings that have participants dialling in using a phone. Moodle bookings have not been affected.

As a result of this change, all existing meeting bookings where participants dial in with a phone will need to be updated.

To update your meetings and ensure your meeting invitations have the correct teleconference numbers listed for dial in, you will simply:

Outlook Calendar

  1. Open your calendar invitation
  2. Click the button in the toolbar at the top that says ‘”Cancel Webex meeting”
  3. Send Updated calendar invite with cancelled Webex meeting
  4. Open the invite again and re-add with a new Webex meeting added.
  5. Send the updated invitation.

Important tip: if you have manually copy & pasted teleconference information into invites these will need to be updated manually.

If using “@webex” in the location field of Outlook

  1. Delete the location and all webex content from your meeting invitation
  2. Delete the location “@webex” in the location field
  3. Send update
  4. Type in location field as “@webex” again and send update

Again, we would like to reiterate that this has only affected those meetings with participants that dial in using a phone. This has not impacted Moodle meetings booked with Webex.

 For all participants joining meetings using online methods, meetings will be automatically updated and you will not need to make any changes to those bookings.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Desk by either logging a ticket or calling IMTS on 02 4221 3000.