A team of staff led by the Chief Operating Officer have been working on preparations for a phased reopening and safe pathway of staff and students to our campuses over the remainder of 2020. A Return to Campus Framework and high-level Return to Campus Roadmap have been prepared to outline three key stages.

The first stage commenced in mid June with a focus on divisions, faculties and other facilities starting to prepare COVID Safe Work Plans for their areas. Each area is required to complete a UOW COVID-19 Safe Work Plan to help keep UOW safe and virus free. Each area should have a plan that sets out how their division/faculty/school has prepared their workplace to protect staff and students to prevent infection.

There are 5 plans available on the intranet depending on the activity:

Call for return to campus champions

In order to help facilitate this process, the Return to Campus Working Group (RTCWG) is requesting that each area nominate one or more ‘return to campus champions’.  The return to campus champions will assist in ensuring the COVID-19 Safe Work Plans are completed and implemented, and they will act as the liaison between the RTCWG and their division/faculty/school. They will assist in putting actions in place for monitoring the effectiveness of the COVID-19 Safe Work Plan in addition to managing hygiene stock.

To support the return to campus champions in this important role, there will be an information session held which will outline the COVID-19 safe requirements. This information session will support the success of this initiative as well as assist staff if and when any changes are required. The date and time of this information session will be advised in the coming weeks.

All return to campus champions must be nominated by Tuesday 14 July via email rtc-wg@uow.edu.au. For more information please visit the intranet page.