The university has purchased branded cloth masks for staff use on campus.  Staff members working on campus are able to receive 2 masks, which can be alternated after washing if they are contaminated.  Masks are the fourth line of defence and need to be worn when undertaking or travelling to or during work that cannot be done so whilst keeping 1.5m apart.  For example, high traffic customer service areas, or while travelling on a bus or car with others.   Other times, mask use is discretionary.

Information on how to use your mask as well as when they are appropriate to wear is available on the COVID-19 Return to Campus Intranet site.

To help distribute the masks, we have estimated the number of staff in each area based on some information from HR.  The number is slightly reduced accounting for not everyone on campus at the moment.  We will issue the masks to a central point within each Faculty/Division.  Local areas can then distribute the masks to staff on campus as needed.   We appreciate your help with this initiative.