Last week, the Unified Recruiting Module (UOW’s new eRecruitment system) successfully went live to HR.

We can confirm that it is available today, Tuesday 8 December, to all UOW employees for use.

You may have noticed the link for the previous eRecruitment system missing from the Systems list on the intranet homepage – you will now access the Unified Recruiting Module within Unified and this should be used when creating job requisitions at UOW from now on.  Please click on the Unified systems link for your recruitment needs.

Getting started

  1. Login to Unified (Chrome is the preferred browser)
  2. Navigate to ‘My Team’ tab, and then click the ‘Hiring’ tile
  3. Follow the steps in the user guide to create a requisition


In conjunction with the new system, we will also be introducing Workforce Establishment. This will separate the processes of creating roles (establishment) and filling roles (recruitment). This means in future fewer approvals will be required to recruit for ‘established’ roles and there will also be a simplified extensions process. For extensions Hiring Managers will no longer have to create a requisition for each extension, instead Hiring Managers will need to follow the Workforce Establishment Management form.

You will find user guides and key changes guides to support you in using this new eRecruitment system on the Recruitment page of the HR intranet, under the Recruitment heading.

If you need further support please use the HR Help Desk to search for Knowledge Articles on Recruitment or log a ticket in the HR Helpdesk (Unified Home Page > HR Help Desk > My Knowledge or Create a Service Request) using the category Recruitment > Unified Recruiting Module. Demonstration videos on the HR Help Desk are available on the HR Enquiries page of the HR intranet.