UOW are in the process of updating our telephone dial plan extension numbers from four digits to six digits for internal calling only. The change will simplify calling between campuses and it will future proof the number of usable telephone extensions available for future resource use.

The UOW Contact Directory, Outlook, and Webex have been updated with correct dial details. Some high use telephone numbers like UOW Security and IT Service Desk will continue to accept both four and six digit dialled extension numbers as we migrate to six digits.

This change will take effect from Saturday 13 November.

If you have need to transfer a call internally using a desk phone you will need to use the six-digit number instead of four digits. For more information on the changes to internal calling, please see our Knowledge Base Article on 6 Digit Phone Extensions.

Should you need any further support, please log a ticket with the IT ServiceDesk or call them on 02 4221 3000 or ext213000.