UOW is a truly global university. Our international focus is strengthened through a collaborative network of partners across the globe. We value our collaborations with foreign partners and recognise the significance of relationships between individuals in Australia and overseas.

The Australian government has in place a number of integrity and accountability measures relevant to the University’s engagement with foreign governments, and related organisations and persons.

Updates are proposed to fifteen (15) UOW policies, procedures and guidelines to clarify obligations in relation to foreign engagement schemes and in what instances staff might need to take steps to ensure compliance.

These updates include the addition of links to legislation, new definitions of Foreign Arrangements, Foreign Influence and Foreign Interference (as relevant), and guidance about when obligations might arise under foreign engagement schemes (as relevant to the subject matter of the particular document).

Feedback is invited on the proposed policy updates prior to implementation.

A review Snap Shot and details of the policies to be updated are available here: Policy Documents under Development or Review

Further information on Foreign Engagements is available here: Foreign Engagements website 

Feedback or questions regarding the proposed policy updates can be submitted to: the Legal Services Unit at legal-enquiry@uow.edu.au.