Paid parking on the Wollongong campus is returning 6 April 2021. You need to have a valid 2021 permit on your vehicle to park in a permit carpark. If you do not have a current permit, please ensure you get one as soon as possible.

If you are paying for your permit through salary sacrifice, collect your permit from the staff counter at Student Central. If you have an existing salary deduction in place, they will automatically resume in April. If you no longer wish to have a permit you need to cancel your salary sacrifice by contacting HR. Permits paid for upfront are available from the Post Office.

Please read the signs to make sure you are parked in the correct area, as penalty notices may be issued for breaching parking conditions.

If you are travelling with three or more people, you can get free parking in the P4 carpooling area. The parking attendant will issue a free exit ticket if you arrive with three in your car. Ticket parking is also available in the carpooling area this session – you’ll need to pay at the ticket machine for the time parked if you’re not carpooling on arrival.

For more information please visit the getting to campus website.