In the past, if student assessments required plagiarism checking, it was necessary to use a standalone Turnitin activity to provide similarity reports. While the standalone Turnitin activity remains, you now have the additional option to enable Turnitin plagiarism checking within a standard “Assignment” activity in Moodle.

The benefits of this new plugin are:

  • Use with Group Assignments, where only one group member needs to submit – similarity scores and marks are recorded against all group members in one action (group submission is not supported by the Turnitin Assignment activity).
  • Students can submit their assignments on time, regardless of Turnitin’s service availability.
  • Previously, a Turnitin outage would prevent students from submitting their assessment, which could potentially result in students being forced to miss submission due dates. With this new option, the only delay from a Turnitin outage will be the generation of similarity reports.

There is a new Knowledge Base Article available on using this new setting

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