Construction has been completed on a new, dedicated security building, which will be known as Building 72, located near Kooloobong Village on the south western side of the Wollongong Campus.

The UOW security team are moving into Building 72 from this Friday 14 September and all UOW security business activity will conducted from this new facility. The new building incorporates a front service counter; a room that houses the university’s security systems and Wollongong Campus building mass communication command module and an emergency management room to be used for any significant emergencies involving the senior executive emergency management group, Police and emergency services.

This Building will be the central meeting location for Police and emergency services when called to the Wollongong Campus.  All ambulances called to the Wollongong Campus will attend this location when arriving at the campus and the security team will escort the ambulance to the incident site.

The Security team operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The front service counter ordinary business hours in session are from Monday to Friday 7.30am till 11pm and in non-session weeks Monday to Friday 10am till 6pm. A Security phone point is available at the entry to the Building when the building is not occupied.

Tours of this new facility are planned to enable staff the opportunity to see our new facility in operation and will be advertised soon.