Library SEARCH has been powered by EBSCO Information Services for several years and although these accounts will be maintained through our subscribed databases, UOW Library will soon be migrating Library SEARCH to a new and improved discovery layer platform.

Unfortunately, once migration occurs there will no longer be direct access to any items saved in personal EBSCO Account folders made through the current Library SEARCH interface. This will include Saved Searches, Search Alerts, Persistent Links to Searches, Articles, eBooks and Pages.

In preparation for the changeover, review any saved items in your personal EBSCO Account. These can be copied directly to your desktop or sent directly via the E-mail function, which will forward through a copy of all citations allowing them to be searched again following the migration.

For further information or assistance, please Library staff. ‘Opt-In’ to the MyUOW Library Channel to keep up-to-date with important messages.