Human Resources is currently prioritising pre-Christmas advertising and appointments.

October to December is a very busy time of year for all of us, so to best meet your needs and to meet our legal and Enterprise Agreement requirements, as per previous years please be aware of some key timelines:

  • All Pre-Christmas direct and competitive recruitment activities must be submitted to HR by Friday 15 October 2021
  • Where possible, please hold submitting Workforce Establishment Forms or Requisitions for 2022 until at least Monday 1 November 2021
  • Early pay cut-offs will be in place for all December pay days. All pay-related changes must be submitted and approved prior to early pay cut off
  • To facilitate the payment of leave loading, the pay of 9 December 2021 will close on Thursday 2 December 2021
  • Due to the public holidays, concessional days and Special Additional Leave the pays of 23 December 2021 and 6 January 2022 will close 5pm Wednesday 15 December 2022

All casual timesheets must be submitted and approved by the above deadlines. Please check if your Faculty or Department has any earlier internal deadlines and contact your supervisor if you have any questions. Due to University closures, the next opportunity for payment for those who miss the 15 December deadline will be Thursday 20 January 2022.