It’s imperative that all UOW Staff have a strong awareness of the university’s emergency response procedures for your campus. Knowing what to do in an emergency will ensure staff are able to quickly initiate the correct procedures, alert colleagues nearby and tell the UOW Security team about the unfolding situation.

We also need to build an awareness amongst all staff of the Australian Government’s guidelines for Crowded Places. Specifically around the guidelines for responding to an active armed offender.

The UOW Security team will be circulating a new information card to encourage all Staff to develop a strong awareness of our campus emergency response procedures and encourage an awareness of the steps; ESCAPE, HIDE, TELL that individuals should apply in responding to an incident involving either firearms and/or sharped edged weapons.

Having knowledge of and awareness of these steps can ensure that your colleagues, family and friends can react quickly to a situation whether it occurs within the workplace or out and about in the broader community.

Please take the time to refer to the Security Awareness Zone for UOW Staff on the intranet.