To enjoy a simpler, streamlined borrowing process UOW student and staff will have the convenience of auto-renewals for 170-day loan items from Monday 29 July 2019.

Currently, students and staff can borrow unlimited items (excluding restricted loan items such as 2-day loans) for 170 days with unlimited renewals; this means you can renew the items and keep them as long as you need them, until someone places a hold and the item is recalled.

The renewal process:
1. Students and staff have a loan period of 170 days for general collection items.
2. Three days before the item is due, the loan will automatically renew. (This will happen twice.)
3. After two auto-renewals, the item will be due and you will need to manually renew the item if you wish to keep it.
4. If the item is recalled (or when you’re finished with the item), return it to the library.

If your library membership is due to expire before the 170-day loan period, your items will be auto-renewed until your membership expiry date.

Alumni and guests can still renew their items manually by logging into their borrowing record.

For further information visit UOW Library borrowing.